Terms of Service

Introductory provisions

1. These Terms and Conditions are regulations for providing services by electronic means, as referred to in art. 8 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means.

2. These Terms and Conditions specify the types and conditions for providing services by electronic means using the website, located under electronic address http://antikeye.com/.

3. Services Provider running AntikEye Service and providing services is AntikEye Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered seat in Kołobrzeg (78-100) ul. Cicha 12/2, entered into the entrepreneurs register kept by the District Court in Koszalin, IXth Economic Department, under the KRS number 0000445586, with its share capital PLN 124,900.00, NIP 6711813189, REGON 32132662900000.

4. Definitions used in these Terms and Conditions shall have the following meaning:
4.1. User – any natural person, legal person or organisational unit without legal entity whose legal capacity is recognized by the law, who use the services provided by electronic means by the Services Provider;
4.2. Services Provider – as specified in point 3, company AntikEye Sp. z o.o.;
4.3. AntikEye Service – the website, located under electronic address http://antikeye.com/;
4.4. User Account – available for the User, after successful log in, the account which allows inter alia: to read access to the objects database, adding information about the objects and comments, collection and modification of the processed personal data and other data about the User in the AntikEye Service;
4.5. Services – paid or unpaid services provided to the User by the Service Provider, related to the operation of the Service AntikEye;
4.6. "Closet" – the service enabling the addition of information about the objects, including the addition of pictures or animations, including , among others, options such as:
4.6.1. „My Wall” – enables to present the subject;
4.6.2. „My safe” – enables the exchange of information about the subject only in the selected group of Users;
4.6.3. „Available safes” – enables access to the safe of another User after accepting an invitation;
4.7. Fairs Today - service of providing access to information on antiques exchanges and enables addition by the Users of such information;
4.8. Details of the object - service which enables entry of detailed information of the subject and the exchange of correspondence between Users, including for the purpose of their transactions without the participation of AntikEye Service;
4.9. Newsletter - service of supplying to the e-mail address provided by the User by periodic information on items inserted in the AntikEye Service database, information on antiquarian industry, especially information on the events, places, and information of a commercial nature.


1. AntikEye Service contains a database of historic objects, high-quality replicas and collectibles that allows verification of the object found by the User, enabling share of information and facilitate transactions between Users.

2. Services provided through the AntikEye Service are as follows:

2.1. Database objects;
2.2. "Closet";
2.3. Fairs Today;
2.4. Details of the product;
2.5. Newsletter;

3. Registration is required in order to use the Services (setting User Account). Without registration, the User has access to the part of the Database objects being selected by the Service Provider and to view Fairs Today.

4. Service Provider informs that within the scope of the provided Services the standard solutions are introduced for the protection of data stored on the server, on which information can be found here [LINK]. Therefore, the User is obliged to withheld from and do not inset any information that could expose the User to loss or damages, in particular the location of objects presented by the User, as well as within the scope of an exchange of information among the selected group of Users using the Services "Closet" - "My safe." The Service Provider shall not be liable for any loss or damages being result of to the input of data in a way that may expose or result in any loss or damage for the User.

5. Service Provider in order to improve the quality of information made available through the Service Fairs Today reserves the right to determine information about any of the exchange of antiques as revised. Service Provider is not responsible or liable for any loss or changes made by the organizer of any of the exchange of antiques or under any other circumstances.

6. By providing Services Product Details the Provider does not perform or does not mediate in any way in any transactions between Users. Therefore, any possible claims related to such transactions may only be made between Users; in particular Service Provider is not responsible for the content of the information relating to the subject, the ability to complete the transaction, its compliance with the law, the characteristics of the subject of the transaction or the correct execution of the contract.

7. Services described in point 1.2 (Access to the objects database) and point 1.3. (Closet) are paid services: Price List [LINK]. Until 30 September 2013, the User may use the above mentioned services free of charge.

Data collection, personal data protection and privacy

1. To create the User Account Service Provider processes the data in the form of the User’s e-mail which may be the User’s personal information.

2. By providing e-mail address the User agrees to:
2.1. processing, collection, recording, storing, developing, disclosing and deleting personal data of the User by the Service Provider to implement the agreement and to the extent necessary to provide the Services,
2.2. processing, collecting, recording, storing, developing, sharing and deleting personal information of the User in order to study the market and Users' behavior and preferences with intention of such study to improve the quality of Services and for statistical purposes,
2.3 processing, collecting, recording, storing, developing, sharing, and deleting the User’s personal information for marketing purposes, including sending advertising coming from Service Provider or other advertisers or entities cooperating with the Service Provider,
2.4 collection, storage and processing by the Service Provider other data (except for previously mentioned technical and technology data):
2.4.1 IP address and geolocation data of the device from which the User is connected with the Service website,
2.4.2 browser type and language, from which the User is currently connected with the Service website,
2.4.3 type of computer or mobile device, its screen resolution and the type and version of the operating system from which the User is currently connected with the Service website,
2.4.4 Web address from which the User went to the Service website,
2.4.5 any other information transmitted through the http protocol, related to the connection to the service.

3. User, by providing its e-mail address agrees to the receipt of commercial information within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means Services from Service Provider or any cooperating entities, especially in the scope of agreements related to e-mailing activities and sharing of data for the e-mailing purposes and the entities posting content related to commercial and related contents on the Service. The User’s consent can be withdrawn at any time.

4. The User agrees for the Service Provider to store on its computer cookies files. In the course of using the Services the cookies or other components of the software used by the Service Provider are not permanently installed in the teleinformation system of the User.

5. Cookies files are small text files that are stored in order to keep the session (after logging in), so Users do not have to type on each page their registration data (e.g. username and password). They are used to create audience statistics, online advertising presentations of the content close to the User's interests and the creation of online questionnaires and protecting them against multiple voting by the same person. These files do not collect personal information of the User, do not change the computer settings, are not used to install or uninstall any software, viruses, trojans, do not interfere with the integrity of the system or User data, are not processed by other electronic services and can be at any time removed by User. Deleting cookies as well as change of the settings related to them can be changed by modifying the settings in the web browser used by the User.

6. We use the following cookies:
6.1 Session - stores information about the current session (created after logging in, removed after logging out).
6.2 Analysis - compatible with the mechanisms of Google Analytics, provided by Google Inc.., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

Copyright, database rights

1. It is forbidden to copy any content from the Service, in particular images and animations of objects inserted by the Service Provider in the Service or any content referred to in point 2.

Service Provider has the right to place a watermark on each material and its removal is a violation of copyright. All information and materials contained in the Service is the protected database of the Service Provider. Reproduction of database in whole or in part in any manner is forbidden.

2. User posting materials on the Service, in particular descriptions of objects, images and animations of objects consents for insertion of such materials in the AntikEye Service database and transfer copyrights to such materials in all fields of exploitation to the Service Provider, and in particular, transfer the rights to:
2.1. recording and reproduction of material that is producing multiple copies by any techniques including by photographing, filming, scanning, and printing, reprographic, magnetic recording and digital technology;
2.2. publishing of the material in such a way that everyone can have access to it at the place and time of their choice, including sharing on the Internet or in an application accessible via mobile devices and through any telecommunications services,
2.3. placing on the market multiple copies in any way,
2.4. publicly display and project material
2.5. lending and/or leasing units,
2.6. analogue and/or digital transmission (in any system or technology) through the wired and wireless vision and via a ground station,
2.7. analogue and/or digital transmission (in any system or technology) via satellite,
2.8. simultaneous and integral transmission (rebroadcasting) of such material inter alia via digital platforms and cable networks (in any system or technology)
2.9. posting copies of material on websites, in promotional and advertising materials,
2.10. exercise of its subsidiary laws, including studies, processing, adaptation, change of the format, as well as the right of their distribution and disposal.

3. The above provisions shall not restrict in any way the User's rights to full use of the object which belongs to the User, including the implementation and dissemination of additional images or animation object.

Prohibited content

1. User is obliged not to insert in AntikEye Service materials, in particular the content of logins, comments, descriptions of objects, animations and pictures:
1.1. which may violate the rights of others, including their personal rights;
1.2. being in conflict with the law, in particular those of a commonly recognized as offensive, obscene, pornographic, racist, anti-Semitic, offensive to religious feelings, erotic or containing drastic crime scene,
1.3. which could be used to produce explosives, weapons, drugs, falsification of documents, forgery of works of art,
1.4. substantially unsuitable for the content or the nature of the AntikEye Service, in particular material on subjects other than historical items, high-quality replicas or collector's items, in particular materials on objects which are of low quality or widely available or mass-produced copies;
1.5. mainly aimed at advertising related activities, marketing or spamming (littering Service).

2. In the case of inserting by the User materials referred to in point 1, the Service Provider may remove materials inserted, and in the case of repeated violation of rules, to terminate the contract for the provision of the Services.

3. User agrees to use the AntikEye Service in a responsible manner, having regard to the nature and purpose of the AntikEye Service.

4. In order to maintain the highest quality database Service Provider has the right to correct minor errors in the description of the items contained in the AntikEye Service and correct category to which they have been assigned by the User, notifying the User of the change.

5. Service Provider is not responsible for materials inserted by Users, for unlawful use of material collected on the AntikEye Service, breach of contracts concluded between Users, quality of images and reliability of descriptions of objects inserted by Users on the AntikEye Service.

6. Service Provider reserves the right to give their opinion on the object inserted in the AntikEye Service database, in particular as regards the characteristics of the object as an original or a copy. Service Provider reserves that such opinions are published in the most only from the description, picture or animation of the object, and therefore cannot constitute any guarantee for the Users of database or any basis for the Users transactions, also the Service Provider does not bear any responsibility for them.

7. User agrees for the Service Provider to express an opinion on object isterted by the User in accordance with the principles set out in point 6.


1. Any complaints regarding the use of the Service shall be notified by e-mail: admin@antikeye.com

2. Complaint should contain at least the e-mail address provided by the User at the registration and a description of the complaint.

3. Consideration of the complaint shall be within 14 working days.

4. About the method of handling the complaint the person making the complaint shall be notified by e-mail on the e-mail address provided by the User during registration or by mail to the address given in the complaint.

Final Provisions

These Terms and Conditions, along with the Price List are integral part of the User agreement concluded for the provision of electronic services.
The Regulations is effective from 20 August 2013

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